Nomination committee

The company’s general meeting has resolved to adopt instructions for the nomination committee. According to the instructions for the nomination committee, the nomination committee shall consist of four members who shall be appointed by the four largest shareholders or shareholder groups by votes in the company as of the last banking day in August the year before the annual general meeting and who wishes to appoint representatives. In addition to these four members, the chairman of the board of directors shall be a member of the nomination committee. The nomination committee shall appoint a chairman of the nomination committee among its members.

The instructions for the nomination committee comply with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code“) with respect to the appointment of committee members. The members of the nomination committee shall be announced not later than six months prior to the next annual general meeting. The members of the nomination committee shall, within the frame of their assignments, conduct their duties in accordance with the Code. The nomination committee’s main duties are to present proposals regarding election of chairman of the general meeting, election of members and chairman of the board of directors, election of auditor, remuneration to board members and members of board committees and remuneration to the company’s auditors.

Nomination committee 2024

The nomination committee for the 2024 annual general meeting is composed of:

  • Tomas Ekman, chairman of the nomination committee and appointed by CVC/Theia Holdings;
  • Karin Eliasson, appointed by Handelsbanken Fonder;
  • Lovisa Runge, appointed by the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (Sw. Fjärde AP-fonden);
  • Henrik Söderberg, appointed by C WorldWide Asset Management; and
  • Peter Törnquist, chairman of the board.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the nomination committee can do so via e-mail to the chairman of the nomination committee with e-mail address: (state “Synsam’s nomination committee” in the subject line). Proposals, if any, shall have been received by the nomination committee no later than 19 January 2024.

Rules of procedure for the Nomination Committee (pdf)