Our strategy

Synsam has an omnichannel strategy that aims to meet the customer seamlessly across sales and service channels regardless of the customer’s preferences throughout the customer journey. Synsam’s digital channels on its own and thirdparty platforms such as Facebook and Google interact seamlessly with the store network that forms the physical base of the business.

At the heart of the omnichannel strategy is a focus on the customer. This means that customers can interact with Synsam not only in the physical store, but also via their mobile phone, tablet or computer at home. The aim is to create a fully integrated experience and a harmonised price picture wherever, however and whenever the customer encounters Synsam.

When used correctly, the omnichannel strategy constantly creates new opportunities for innovative and customer orientated meetings and contributes to the creation of new meeting places and touchpoints. This in turn generates increased interest, attracting new and existing customers to stores, e-commerce and eye examinations. Synsam’s knowledge of the customer journey, combined with innovative thinking in marketing and communications, are critical success factors.

Creating greater awareness and attention for the Synsam brand, as well as for its own Nordic brands and for Synsam’s Ai Eyeware concept, is a high-priority area in the strategy. Continued growth for the group is expected to come from a combination of Lifestyle subscriptions, Synsam Sports, e-commerce, own brands and contact lens subscriptions.