Remuneration for the CEO and executive management
Remuneration to the executive management of the group shall be in accordance with market standards, in order to secure the company’s ability to attract and retain competent leaders. Remuneration shall be based on the individual’s competence, responsibilities and performance and are to be paid in accordance with the guidelines for remuneration for the CEO and executive management adopted by the annual general meeting on March 30, 2021 for the period until the annual general meeting 2022.

The total remuneration for the group management shall consist of fixed salary, variable remuneration based on annual performance-based goals (up to 100 per cent of the base salary), and other benefits such as non-monetary benefits, as well as pensions and insurance. Nonmonetary benefits may be offered in accordance with customary rules and market standards in each country. These benefits shall not constitute a substantial part of the total remuneration. Furthermore, the annual general meeting may decide to offer a long-term incentive programme such as share and share price related incentive programmes. These incentive programmes shall be intended to contribute to long-term valuable growth and provide a common interest for value creation for shareholders and employees.

Guidelines for remuneration to the executive management 2021 (pdf)