Social responsibility

Attracting, developing and retaining motivated employees with the right skills and understanding of customer needs is a critical factor for success. To live up to being a good employer, we also have a responsibility to try to ensure social conditions in the supply chain are fair. The goal is to be the most attractive company in the industry and to shape a strong value-driven culture. Synsam also works towards the goal that by 2026 at least 85% of our employees will be motivated, proud and share the company’s values.

Today, there are approximately 900 licensed opticians in the group. Opticians are a shortage profession and have an important social function.We are working to get more people to train
as opticians, but also to retain the opticians we have. We have organised several webinars during the year to develop the skills of our opticians. We also provide internal training courses through the Synsam Academy.

Synsam is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). The BSCI is a collaborative initiative to ensure responsibility in the supply chain, that include prohibiting child
labour, forced labour and corruption, and requiring safety and fair working hours. We also demand that collective agreements be in place with all carriers and freight forwarders.

Synsam has zero tolerance of bribery, corruption and other forms of unethical behaviour in business relationships. Employees whose roles place them at particular risk also receive regular training. This includes functions in purchasing and marketing, as well as people working in high-risk countries.

Synsam also has a whistleblower policy that is available both internally and externally. The policy is in accordance with Synsam’s core values ​​and the Code of Conduct.