Customer responsibility

Good eyesight throughout life
Synsam’s ambition is to contribute to good eyesight for everyone throughout their lives, with the smallest possible carbon footprint. The Group is actively engaged in offering products that allow its customers to have good vision while maintaining good eye health. This preventive work is an extremely important part of the Group’s efforts in the pursuit of good eye health. Offering eye examinations and visual aids from an early age should therefore be a priority. Synsam knows that the continuous development of products and services is what enables the Group to meet the eye health challenges of today and tomorrow in order to contribute to better public health.

Keeping customers’ needs in focus – High clinical quality eye examinations
Regular eye examinations are the basis for good eye health and eyesight. Increased screen use, especially among children and young people, is making eye health an increasingly important public health issue. Additional factors such as a growing elderly population are also increasing the need for eye examinations.

This is where Synsam wants to be at the cutting edge, contributing to the development of technology and equipment that improve access to high clinical quality eye examinations. One of the procedures performed at the Group’s eye health centres is fundus photography, which can help detect and prevent eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. Customers are referred to ophthalmologists if necessary.

High-quality eye examinations require highly trained opticians. Synsam’s roughly 900 opticians are the heart of the business, and are an important resource that can help relieve the burden on the health service.

“Everyone should see!” Equal opportunities to be active
Sedentary behaviour in childhood is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. For the past five years, Synsam has been running its “Everyone should see!” initiative, which promotes physical activity among children. Poor vision should never stand in the way of equal opportunities to be active. Through the initiative, Synsam offers children aged five to twelve who have visual defects a pair of prescription activity spectacles free of charge. Work on “Everyone should see!” continued throughout the year. Since its launch in 2019, Synsam has distributed more than 55,000 pairs of activity spectacles to children across the Nordic region through the initiative.

Conscious choices lead to satisfied customers – Synsam’s innovative spectacles subscription service
Synsam’s spectacles subscription service allows customers to rent spectacles rather than buying them. Through a Synsam Lifestyle subscription, customers can have their eyesight tested regularly and replace their spectacle lenses when necessary, among other benefits. Once a year, the customer can exchange a pair of spectacles and return a pair at the same time. All frames that are handed in are either recycled or reused. The subscription allows Synsam’s customers to learn about new innovative products, while at the same time contributing to a circular flow where the products can be reused by other customers through the Group’s second-hand offerings.

Synsam Outlet is the Nordic region’s first purely commercial retailer of recycled frames and sunglasses. Synsam Outlet was born out of Synsam’s vision that the customer wants to consume more sustainably and that the Group can promote more sustainable consumption through attractive offerings. Synsam Outlet stores sell fault-free products that customers have returned through the Group’s subscription model. The stores also sell collections that have been discontinued from the regular range and that are thus given a new, second chance.

At the end of 2023, the Group had 20 Synsam Outlet stores. During the year, the Group also expanded its second-hand and Outlet offering to a number of selected Synsam stores with dedicated spaces in order to reach more consumers.

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