Customer responsibility

Our ambition is to contribute to good eyesight for everyone, in all situations, throughout life. An important part of this is preventive work and offering eye examinations and visual aids from an early age. We always strive to see our customers in terms of their needs and to offer sustainable choices.

Based on customer needs
Regular eye examinations are the basis for good eye health and eyesight. Factors such as a growing elderly population and increased screen use, especially among children and young people, make eye health an increasingly important public health issue.

Continued development of our eye health centres
Qualified and trained opticians are an important resource that can relieve the burden on the health service. Synsam has approximately 900 qualified opticians. We have over 60 eye health centres across the Nordic region where our specialised opticians take care of customers’ eye health, and thorough eye health examinations are carried out. These include performing fundus photography, which can detect and prevent eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma – and we refer the results to ophthalmologists if necessary.

The ‘Everyone should see!’ initiative
Sedentary behaviour in childhood is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time. Two years ago, Synsam launched the ‘Everyone should see!’ project in collaboration with partners such as Generation Pep and Essilor. The aim of the initiative is to increase motivation towards active leisure time – where visual impairment should never stand in the way of movement on equal terms, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited opportunities for activity further. Through this initiative, Synsam offers free activity glasses to children between the ages of 5 and 12 years with visual impairments. The work of ‘Everyone should see’ has continued throughout the year and since the initiative began in 2019, we have distributed close to 34,500 pairs of activity glasses to children across the Nordic region.

Hiring instead of owning
By hiring instead of owning glasses through our glasses subscription, our customers have the opportunity to have their vision checked regularly and, if necessary, to replace their glasses or contact lenses, and/or to return glasses for reuse or recycling. As vision changes over time and different glasses are needed for different needs, Synsam LifestyleTM offers a tailor-made solution while lenses, frames and contact lenses are disposed of in a circular flow. With the customer’s best interests at heart At Synsam, we see the customer and strive to treat everyone equally based on each individual’s needs. We have set a target of at least 90 percent of our customers being ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ by 2026 and conduct annual customer surveys. Follow up for this target will be done during 2022.