About Synsam Group

Synsam – the leading Nordic lifestyle company in optical retail and eye health

From its inception in 1968, Synsam, with 500 stores in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, has grown into one of the Nordic region’s leading actors in optics, eye fashion and eye health. The Synsam brand is used in Sweden, Norway and Finland and Profil Optik in Denmark and Iceland. The store network is complemented by a strong presence online and on social media presence where customers can buy products, book eye exams, manage their subscriptions, or try out new glasses directly in the mobile phone.

Synsam has a unique range of glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses and contact lenses that include both Synsam’s own and other well-known brands. The offering also includes glasses and contact lens subscriptions, eye examinations, both physical and online, and personal style advice when trying on glasses. Synsam’s customers can also make sustainable choices, such as shopping from the sustainability chain Synsam Recycling Outlet.

As early as 2016, Synsam was the first player in the market to launch the Synsam LifestyleTM subscription service for a fixed monthly fee. This allows customers to combine products and services such as glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, change a pair of glasses every year, have eye examinations, insurance against loss, theft and damage and free replacement of lenses if their vision changes.

Synsam’s ambition is to continue to strengthen its industry-leading position in eye health and eye fashion with a clear and integrated sustainability perspective throughout the chain.

Synsam’s vision and mission
Synsam’s vision is to be the leading and most sustainable lifestyle company in optical retail and eye health. Synsam’s mission is to provide every customer with the best service and the most sustainable solutions in eye health and eye fashion.

This means that Synsam must have strong and clear values that all employees can understand – and live by – in their daily work. What is known as the Synsam Hub is the core of Synsam’s corporate culture and reflects the group’s vision, mission and values.

Values – customer focus, innovation and responsibility
The customer always comes first
Synsam always puts the customer first. The aim is to guide and inspire all customers who visit Synsam in store or online. A group-wide customer journey model gives the customer the best experience when interacting with Synsam.

Synsam is always looking for new ways to create a better customer offering in line with trends in the optical industry. Innovation has been an important part of the transformation, which the group started back in 2015, focusing on a culture that fosters new ideas. Synsam’s innovation agenda must be evidencebased and customer-centric. All initiatives must have clear commercial objectives that drive sales, margins or returns.

Synsam shoulders its responsibility in terms of creating a value-based corporate culture with the most committed employees in the optical industry. They can realise their full potential with the help of shared core values, positive leadership skills development, clear standards and the right remuneration model.