About Synsam Group

Synsam – the leading Nordic lifestyle company in optical retail and eye health

Synsam Group is a leading lifestyle company in optical retail and eye health in the Nordic region. We have a broad and innovative offering of products in our physical and online stores. Synsam Group also offers customers several subscription services and the opportunity to try on our entire eyewear range virtually through their phone. We provide every customer with the best service and most sustainable solutions in eye health and eye fashion. We help customers see and look their best.

Thanks to our comprehensive and innovative product range, we are currently the market leader in Sweden, the second-largest in Norway, the third-largest in Denmark (under the name Profil Optik) and a market challenger in Finland.

We offer eye examinations, spectacles, sunglasses, sports eyewear, contact lenses and accessories in optical retail and eye fashion as well as eyewear subscriptions and related services under the name Synsam Lifestyle™ and a subscription service for contact lenses. We offer a mix of our own and external, well-known brands.

An offering on the customer’s terms
Synsam Group operates a clear omnichannel concept with a network of 480 wholly owned stores, franchise stores and online stores in each country. Each Synsam store brings together local expertise and the Nordic region’s leading offering of eyewear services and optical retail. Our strong online and social media presence means our customers can use our products and services anytime, anywhere. They can buy products, book an eye examination or manage their Lifestyle or contact lens subscriptions online.

In Stylelab by Synsam, customers can try on our entire eyewear range virtually, right in their phone. On Ai’s website, customers can undergo a preliminary eye examination to see if they need to visit one of our stores for a more thorough examination. Synsam Group remains at the cutting edge of development in online eye examinations.

Personal interaction – the core of our success story
For Synsam Group, the focus is on customer interaction and the physical store is an important part of Synsam Group’s business strategy. We continue to invest in personal interaction in our stores – in combination with innovative digital offerings. In stores, customers are met by registered opticians who put them at ease and can provide everything the customer wants and needs related to eye health. After an eye examination, Synsam Group’s trained style experts help each customer with their individual, personal choice of frames and lens. At Synsam Group, we are convinced that this is best done in the store, in person with the customer.

Our vision
We are the leading and most sustainable lifestyle company in optical retail and eye health.

Our mission
We provide every customer with the best service and most sustainable solutions in eye health and eye fashion.

Our business concept
We are a customer-driven and sustainable lifestyle company that offers affordable eyewear, fashion and eye health solutions for the whole family through unique and innovative concepts for all moments of life.

Our values
Our values (“The customer first,” “Innovation” and “Responsibility”) permeate all of the company’s operations, priorities and decision making as well as the actions of our employees.

We contribute to sustainability
Our aim is to continue to strengthen our position as an industry leader in both eye health and eye fashion, with a clearly integrated sustainability perspective throughout the value chain. Synsam Group’s aim is to be a long-term sustainable company.