The ambitions for the Synsam Group’s sustainability work have been set at a high level. We have a clear vision that we should be the leading and most sustainable lifestyle company in optics and eye health. We do this by applying a customer-driven approach that is guided by customers’ needs and their right to good vision throughout their lives, while offering sustainable choices and taking responsibility for sustainable climate and societal progress.

‘Good eye health and vision are crucial to public health. We help our customers to good vision throughout their lives, and we wish to do this with the smallest carbon footprint possible. The development of sustainable products is continuing, and the relocation of production to Sweden is an important part of this work.’

Håkan Lundstedt, CEO of Synsam Group

We are taking greater responsibility for our common future
The Synsam Group has a clear vision of how we want to work with sustainability in our group. We are the leading and most sustainable lifestyle company in optics and eye health. Our mission explains how we want to work with sustainability. We give every customer the best service and the most sustainable solutions within eye health and eye fashion. Our business concept also includes sustainability. We are a customer-driven, sustainable lifestyle company offering affordable vision, appearance and eye health solutions for the whole family through unique and innovative concepts for every occasion in life.

Sustainability strengthens our business
Sustainability is an integral part of our business and offering, and we are committed to providing every customer with the best service and the most sustainable solutions for seeing well and looking good. This also means having a good understanding of the risks and challenges associated with the business, particularly from a climate perspective, but also of what opportunities emerge from conscious sustainability efforts in terms of, for example, innovative materials, technological innovation and investing in our employees.

Our priority sustainability areas
Synsam’s sustainability areas of customer responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility are constantly being developed. In addition, Synsam supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Agenda 2030 and sees that we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to contribute to several of the goals. In particular, our focus is on Goal 12, ‘Sustainable production and consumption’ and Goal 3, ‘Health and well-being’. In addition, it also supports the UN Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Business.

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